Our Services

Our team consists of certified and qualified professionals in their field. We will promise to deliver our highest standard of professionalism and instruction to all of our clients. 

Crystal Works, works with the client, educating and facilitating the experience of using crystals, meditation, sound baths, tuning forks, tarot, life coaching, additional energy work which may offer benefits to mind, body & soul. The client is in control of their journey and Crystal Works the facilitator. This allows you as a client to decide what works for you and empowers you on your journey.

Crystal works does not bill insurance, All payment due at the time service  is rendered.


1 Crystal Healing, Sound Bath, & Tuning Fork healing $175 

1 Crystal Healing & Sound Bath $150

DISCLAIMER: Please note that Crystal Works does not claim to diagnose, cure, treat or replace sound medical advice from a doctor. You should always contact a medical professional with any medical concerns or questions in relation to any energy or meditation based work.

 Sound Baths

Sound Baths  with Tibetan & Crystal Singing Bowls and other instruments
A sound bath is an Immersive sound experience that may calibrate all of the bodily systems and encourage healing.

Initial Sessions
1 hour Private $120 Couple $190 Complete healing session; initial interview and treatment plan

30 Minutes Private $80 Complete healing session; initial interview and treatment plan

15 Minutes $60; sound bath general, no treatment plan

Private $90 Couple $160 Initial interview and Sound Healing without treatment plan.

Group healing can be performed. 
35 per person with a minimum of 4 people.
$20 per person for over 6 people.

Concerts can be booked for larger audiences that will include singing bowls, drums, and other instruments. Inquire directly for more details.

Why You May Want To Try Sound Bath

There is a form of medical treatment known as Sound Therapy. *Note* Crystal Works is not providing Sound Therapy, please seek a licensed sound therapist if you need therapy.

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Crystal  Healing

Crystal Sessions
$75 Choose one: 
Energy Unblock 
 Body & Mind Balance 
Chakra Balancer 
$85 Choose one:
Stress Buster 
 Spirit Lifter
$95 Choose one:
Seal of Solomon
Infinity Energy

Save Money With Packages!
One of each above for $150
Two Daily and One of Total Body $140
Two of each above $275

Daily unblock & balance sessions are simple sessions while total body work sessions should only be done weekly or monthly. 

Crystal Works, works with the client, educating and facilitating the experience of using crystals to align energies within their bodies and harmonize them with the energy of the earth.
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Life Coaching 

Instruction Session 
$125 Initial Session
$80   1 hour session
$50 1/2 hour Session

Specific Guided Meditation Sessions
+ $20 Tarot assisted guidance

 Crystal Works is happy to instruct and guide you along your path. Trust your journey! But, you should make sure to make it the best journey you can!
Through low pressure conversations, goal setting, and assessing your progress we can focus on building you the life you want. 
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Holistic Herbalism

Herbal Consultation 
$90 Initial consultation and plan
$50 1/2 hour consult
$80  1 hour consults
$40 15 minute telephone consults 

***NOTE*** Prices do NOT include any naturopathic products suggested or prescribed. These will be purchased SEPARATELY.

Crystal works does not bill insurance, 
All payment due at time of service rendered.

 Crystal Works is happy to offer expert holistic herbal consultations. Find out what nature already knows and help to heal and treat yourself based on thousands of years of herbalism.

Tuning Forks

Tuning Forks 

Chakra Cleaning & Balance $75 
Specific areas on body $50

Save Money With Packages!
Three Cleaning & Balance sessions $190
Two Cleaning & Balance & 1 Specific area $175

Crystal works is excited to offer the healing frequencies and vibrations to balance your body systems and promote healing.